Libs look like taking Hasluck

Hasluck has always been known as marginal, but now the national spotlight is on it for a different reason.


As well as having huge implications for the election outcome, history would be made if Ken Wyatt wins, becoming the first indigenous member of the House of Representatives.

It is standing room only, as a packed house of scrutineers oversees the vote count.

Brendan Barlow, Operations Manager, Australian Electoral Commission:

“Because it is a close seat and have a bearing on the national outcome, we’re trying to make sure we’re processing it as quickly as possible, but whilst maintaining accuracy in the count.”

Representatives from major parties keep a close eye over proceedings. Ben Morton, State Director, WA Liberal Party said:

“This is one of the tightest seats in the country; this is one of the tightest elections we’ve ever seen, so therefore both the Liberal party and the Labor party have got great interest in what goes on here.”

Simon Mead, State Secretary, ALP WA added:

“We have great hopes in Hasluck that Sharryn Jackson can hold on, and one of the most important things is because neither party can get a majority in the house yet, this seat’s very important.”

The candidates aren’t allowed inside to watch the count, relying on scrutineers to monitor the progress.

Grab Brendan Barlow, AEC:

“It’s a requirement that the candidates are part of the election process, they’re not allowed into the polling places, apart from to cast their own ballot paper.”

The final tally is not expected until next week.

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