What do the independents want?

The three country independents that hold the key to forming a new government have their own list of issues.


Take a look.

Rob Oakeshott: (MP for Lyne)

· Reviving an emissions trading scheme by going back to the Garnaut report.

· Improve services for rural and regional areas, especially health.

· Ensuring better telecommunications and broadband for the bush.

· Getting a ‘fair go’ for rural and regional Australia

Tony Windsor: (MP for New England)

Mr Windsor is campaigning for a better deal for the bush. He submitted to Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott his bid for regional development:

· Regional affairs to be brought more directly under prime ministerial control.

· A full review of the Henry tax reform proposals – including the mining tax.

· Supports a parliamentary committee on climate change and wants Professor Ross Garnaut to update his report.

Bob Katter: (MP for Kennedy)

Mr Katter released a 20-point wish list to both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. The main points include:

· No Carbon tax, No emissions trading scheme, No mining tax.

· Rural hospitals under the control of a local hospital board.

· Reducing the market concentration of the Coles and Woolworths supermarket duopoly.

· The creation of a national energy grid and the development of more clean fuel (i.e. ethanol)

· Provision of title deeds providing ownership of homes, businesses and farms to indigenous communities.

(Julia Gillard has rejected Mr Katter’s call to raise trade tariffs)

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